Commercial Solutions

Reduce Cost

Sun oriented offers vitality security and autonomy to organizations. While additionally decreasing costs, supporting against showcase fuel value unpredictability, and lessening reliance on imported powers.

Solar Solutions

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Solar Modules

Gulshan Solar Energy provides the various electronics brands products includes in AE Solar, Deluxe,Solarmax etc.

Dry Batteries

We provide three brands of dry batteries SHOTO, RITAR Power and NARADA with quality services and installation.

Solar Pumping Structure

Complete Solar Pumping Structure provide with quality brands.

Power inverter

In Power inverters we deal in quality brand and provide quality products in Pakistan based on commercial and residential.

Solar Air Conditioners

A complete solar solution provide for Solar Air Conditioners based on Commercial and Residential Era.


Gulshan Solar Energy also provide Solar stands.

Gulshan Solar Energy

Gulshan Solar Energy